Moderator’s Christmas Message

Dear Friends

Are you ready for Christmas?

This is a question I have already been asked several times and I am sure will be asked many times of many people over the next month or so. What do we do to get ready for Christmas?  We shop for enough food to feed an army, we scour the high street, the shopping centres and the internet for the right gifts for all the people we always buy presents for (and perhaps a few extra presents – just in case). We write Christmas cards and maybe family newsletters to be sent out around the world and around the corner. And these can all be good things to do. They can help us to share our love for others. Or they can become chores that weigh us down.

Preparing for Christmas has become about meeting expectations – other people’s and our own – instead of preparing for the birth of Christ. ‘Love came down at Christmas’ the hymn reminds us, and that should remain our focus. Christmas is an opportunity to celebrate (whatever your Christmas plans or traditions are), but it is also the time that we share God’s love with others. Presents, cards, food are all symbols of that love. What is important is showing you care, not spending more money. I think we all know that. But sometimes we get so caught up in worrying and frantically shopping and preparing that we lose sight of that.

So, in this time of preparation for Christmas, take time to be still…and pray…and focus on God…and remember the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not about toys or gifts or perfect Christmas dinners. It’s about the perfect gift God sent in his son. Are you ready to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas?



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